Paulig Group’s Coffee Business sells its shares of the Norwegian coffee roastery Kjeldsberg

Paulig Group’s Coffee Business  sells its 30% minority interest of the Norwegian Kjeldsberg Kafferibrenneri AS. The buyer is R. Kjeldsberg AS that belongs to the Kjeldsberg  Gruppen.

Paulig has been a shareholder of the company since 1997. Kjeldsberg Kaffebrenneri has a turnover of approximately 15 million euros, with 20 employees. Purchase price will not be made public.

The transaction is part of a larger business arrangement, during which the ownership base of the Norwegian roastery will change. The main owner will be the Norwegian company Rema Industries AS, that belongs to Reitan Group which operates in several countries. R. Kjeldsberg’s ownership will consist of 40%. Lykke AS is the third owner with a proportion of 10%.

Reitan Group is the owner of, for example, the Norwegian REMA 1000 retail chain and kiosk chains in Norway, Sweden, Baltics, and Finland, where the R-kioski chain was acquired recently.

Paulig will continue its cooperation with the roastery regarding the procurement of green coffee among other things.

More information:

Director of Paulig Group Coffee Business, Elisa Markula tel. +358 50 896 0978

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