The taste of success for the food industry

The goal for the Industrial Flavouring division is to create innovative solutions that offer competitive advantage in taste, structure and profitability. We help companies develop products for the food industry. All customised seasoning and additive mixes are made of high-quality raw materials in close and flexible collaboration with the customer.


At Nordfalks, our solutions and products are always custom-made and tailored to the needs and desires of each customer. Unique flavours and properties are created in close cooperation with our clients, and this is how food product classics and new innovations are born. We are an experienced and trustworthy partner with a strong focus on serving meat processing and convenience food industries in different countries.


Lihel has always focused on custom-made spice mixes developed in close cooperation with customers. The bond between Lihel and Nordfalks makes it possible to share the best know-how of each market. With the help of local product development and expertise, we are able to adapt our offerings to the tastes of consumers in each country.