New Paulig Selected coffees - flavour design for the international market

New Paulig Selected coffees flavour design for the international market
More than 1,000 different flavours have been identified in roasted coffee. The unfailing human sense of taste and the enormous array of flavours make producing good coffee a tough job. It’s like top-flight design in which the subject is the taste. The Paulig Selected products crystallise the first-rate expertise in coffee that Paulig has accumulated in 135 years. Cup of Excellence coffee beans, which are among the most sought-after in the world, are used for these luxurious super premium blends. Paulig Selected coffees will go on sale in Finland and Russia this November. Paulig Selected is also the official design coffee for World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

The new Paulig Selected coffees have been created for consumers who appreciate top quality and engaging flavour experiences. They are produced by selecting and sampling the finest grades of coffee. Paulig Selected is Paulig’s opening move in the super premium coffee product category.

“Interest is growing in products of premium and super premium standards and this is one of the trends in the coffee business. Consumers are prepared to invest also in the enjoyment of beverages and flavour experiences as a counterbalance to everyday life. Paulig Selected is an important business card for us from the perspective of internationalisation, as super premium products are in demand in Russia, for example. In addition to the flavour, particular attention has been paid to the packaging design and the visibility of the message,” says Marketing Manager Risto Kalsta.

Taste Design is a demonstration of coffee professionals’ skill

Whereas an object designer shapes different materials in search of optimal forms and functions, Paulig combines different grades of coffee, roasts, café milieus and services with carefully thought-out details to create a coffee experience.

“The taste design of coffee products is based on first-class ingredients and coffee bean flavours; there is no short cut or ready-made recipe. As coffee harvests vary, blends have to be reformulated time after time to achieve the right flavour. The flavour is also affected by the variety of coffee as well as climate and soil, just like wines,” says Chief Taster Marja Touri, whose career path to top talent in flavour design began with Paulig back in the 1980s.

“Paulig Selected coffees are a high point in my career. For the first time, we use rare and valuable Cup of Excellence coffee beans for these. Cup of Excellence is an award granted for the highest quality coffees of the different countries of origin, and they are only available in limited quantities,” Touri points out.

The coffees in the Paulig Selected range have heart and soul: the different flavours and delicate aromas stand out in a unique way.

“Paulig Selected filter coffee has overtones of watermelon freshness, honey sweetness and the full flavour of ripe apricot. The richly aromatic aftertaste of Paulig Selected Espresso features juicy ripe fruits and delicious nuances of roasted nuts,” says the Paulig Selected blends’ Taste Designer Marja Touri.

“A valuable coffee merits a worthy moment and way to enjoy it. A coffee moment is rounded out by the right kind of cup to drink it in and the right accompaniment, like handmade chocolate,” Touri recommends.

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Both blends are available in beans and ready-ground

Paulig Selected Medium Roast
- Package size: 200 g
- Recommended price approx. 13 euros
- Can be brewed by filtering or with a French press
Paulig Selected Espresso
- Package size: 200 g
- Recommended price approx. 13 euros
- Can be brewed in an espresso maker or an octagonal coffeepot
Available from November in well stocked grocery retailers in Finland and Russia.
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