Startup Weekend Helsinki Food is gathering 60 visionaries to bring new innovations and solutions to the food sector

Startup Weekend Helsinki Food is creating a meeting point for students, experts and other interested to find solutions and act on problems that are found in the food sector. The food theme includes all stages between the field and the fork. A wide spectrum of ideas is expected to be presented during the event due to the various backgrounds of the participants. Paulig is the signature sponsor of the event.

Erica Liewendahl from Paulig gives the opening speech for the event. Liewendahl states that "Within Paulig Group we strive to meet consumer demand based on our knowledge of the way in which consumers make their choices. By getting close to the consumers you are able to answer to peoples’ needs and wishes. Because we know that the consumer's needs are changing in pace with the surrounding world, Paulig needs to adapt and bring news to the tables. We have been exploring great taste for over 140 years and we are now taking new leaps into the future, shown by the recent acquisition of a controlling stake in Gold & Green. Paulig wants to partner with future food. Therefore, we are excited to take part in the Startup Weekend Helsinki Food event and hope that we can help new ideas grow into promising businesses."

Time: 54 hours – Goal: Great ideas to bring forward

The weekend is very intense with 54 hours of work during three days. The ideas are presented on Friday night and the teams are formed around the best ideas. The teams are working through Saturday and Sunday to be able to present their work for the panel of judges on Sunday night. The panel decides three teams that have made the best work and chooses one team as winner of Startup Weekend Helsinki Food. Three best teams are awarded with gifts from Paulig and the winning team is granted 1000€ worth of legal services by Nordic Law, and consultation with experts from both Sitra and Founder Institute. Winning team will also have one year free membership on -web site. Startup Weekends have globally given rise to many successful companies, but getting a new perspective and many new contacts are the most important souvenirs from the event.

More information about Startup Weekend can be found on the event web site:
Event starts at 4p.m on Friday 27th and the venue address is Simonkatu 6, Helsinki.


Erica Liewendahl,
Anita Laxén,
Anders Rothkirch,

Robert Paulig Roastery’s new coffees - provide the rhythm for your day

Jump Start Coffee kicks off your day in the right way, while After Hours Coffee is ideal for mellow coffee breaks

Robert Paulig Roastery is introducing two attractive new options for your daily coffee moments. The refreshing Jump Start Coffee, is guaranteed to get you off to a good start every morning and helps you focus on tasks requiring concentration. The full-bodied After Hours Coffee contains less caffeine than usual and is perfectly suited for evening coffee breaks.

The new filter coffees are handcrafted by nine passionate coffee experts in the micro roastery situated in the village of Tolkkinen in Porvoo. The slow-roast method brings out the subtle flavours of the coffee and ensures an exceptional coffee experience. The new products come in elegant, black packets weighing 200 grams.

Jump 3D_lowJump Start Coffee – really wakes you up

The full-bodied Jump Start Coffee contains 50 per cent more caffeine than ordinary filter coffees. It really wakes you up and guarantees a great start to your day. Jump Start Coffee also gives you a nice caffeine shot before you tackle tasks requiring concentration. Jump Start Coffee is a delicious dark roast coffee with a hint of hazelnut. Roast level: 3.

After Hours Coffee – gentle flavour for evening coffee breaks

After_lowAfter Hours Coffee contains 50 per cent less caffeine than ordinary filter coffee. This new aromatic product is the perfect choice for mellow coffee moments in the evening, for example traditional get-togethers after a sauna. After Hours Coffee is also a good choice when you want a full-bodied coffee experience with less caffeine. After Hours Coffee has a velvety soft flavour with hints of roasted chocolate. Roast level: 3.

Jump Start Coffee (200 g) and After Hours Coffee (200 g) are on sale at Prisma supermarkets, Kesko retail stores, and Stockmann from the beginning of March. Robert Paulig Roastery's products can be ordered also from the online store (

Price: about EUR 5.00/200 g.

Further information:

Juhani Oranen, Managing Director, Robert Paulig Roastery, tel. +358 400 454 048
Pirjo Hästbacka, Communications Manager, Coffee division, Paulig Group, tel. +358 50 356 8359


Founded in 1987, Robert Paulig Roastery is a micro coffee roastery in the village of Tolkkinen in Porvoo, Finland. It roasts its coffee beans with the slow-roast method, which brings out the subtlest flavours of the coffee and ensures an exceptional coffee experience. Robert Paulig Roastery's products include Watsa coffees, flavoured coffees, single estate coffees and the Art Roast coffee series. Robert Paulig Roastery is part of Paulig Group.


New Gold&Green festive veggie option: Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra

gold&green logoHerb-Red Wine roast, Apple-Dijon roast or Cranberry pâté. These are three mouth-watering, festive vegetarian dishes that can be created from the Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra product from Gold&Green Foods. The recipes have been developed by street food guru, Sam McCormick.


"This new product is our Christmas greeting to all friends of pulled oats. The ChristmasExtra product can be used to create new festive vegetarian dishes. There has been so much hype about vegetarian food this year that veggie dishes will definitely be on the menu this Christmas," explains Maija Itkonen, Managing Director of Gold&Green Foods.

Pulled oats ChristmasExtra will be available in the same packaging as the original Pulled oats product. ChristmasExtra is based on the same high-protein pulled oats made from oats and beans, but its composition means it is perfectly suited for the ChristmasExtra recipes. The pack also includes two small bags containing the special ingredients needed in the preparation.

The recipes have been created by Sam McCormick, a street food guru and owner of the Kimchi Wagon restaurant in the Hietalahti indoor market in Helsinki.

"Select one of the three recipes on the package and prepare the richly aromatic Herb-Red Wine roast, the sweet and mellow Apple-Dijon roast or the Cranberry pâté, which is served cold. Sam’s dishes are easy but time-consuming to prepare, which is exactly the way it should be at Christmas. All three recipes and the shopping lists are contained in the product packages. You can also find cooking tips and videos at," Maija Itkonen adds.

Limited edition of ChristmasExtra will go on sale in December

Pulled Oats ChristmasExtra will go on sale at Stockmann Herkku, K-shops, Prisma markets and a number of other outlets between 3 and 24 December.
"This Christmas, we will produce a limited production run of about 20,000 packages of ChristmasExtra. If the product turns out to be very popular there will be more in 2017," says Maija Itkonen.

The production volume of the original Pulled Oats product has increased fourfold since the summer and demand for the product is still astounding. The yearly production capacity at Gold&Green Foods now stands at about 1.5 million packages and by next autumn, the capacity is estimated to be about 15 million packages.

Further information:

Maija Itkonen
Managing Director, Gold&Green Foods
Tel. +358 44 059 3313

Anita Laxén
Head of Communications, Paulig
Tel. +358 40 77 00 873


About Gold&Green Foods

Gold&Green Foods was founded by Maija Itkonen, Reetta Kivelä and Zhong-qing Jiang in 2015. Its aim is to develop innovative, ecological and healthy foods from oats and legumes. Its business idea is based on clean Nordic oats and a unique production method. The company has already accumulated net sales of more than one million euros in 2016. Read more at

About Paulig Group

Paulig is a family-owned, international enterprise in the food industry that is noted for its high-quality brands and services. The company’s key divisions are Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food, and its strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta are known in many countries. Paulig owns 51 per cent of Gold&Green Foods. Paulig has 1 900 employees in 13 countries and its net sales totalled EUR 905 million in 2015. Read more at



Paulig Group’s Snack Food division uses only certified palm oil 

The NGO Finnwatch published a follow-up report today in which it reviews the development of working conditions and human rights in the Malesian IOI Group’s palm oil plantations. The follow-up report is a continuation for a report made in 2014 that concerned the palm oil purchases of Finnish companies. The report is a review of the development in the farms and among others the solutions of Paulig Group.

Within Paulig Group we are committed to working for sustainable sourcing and developing our supply chain with respect to human rights and the environment. That is why we think it is very important that Finnwatch has done these reports and brought up its findings. We feel that a sustainable supply chain is a common goal for us.

Certified palm oil is used in Snack Food division’s Poco Loco products that are produced in Belgium and sold mainly in Central Europe. In the report “Laws of the Jungle” that was published in 2014 Finnwatch brought forward shortcomings that the representatives of the organization had noticed in the plantations of the division’s Malaysian palm oil supplier IOI Group. Snack Food division took the matter seriously and asked for a possibility to audit the farms that they had purchased palm oil from. Despite several requests this was not allowed. As this is against Paulig Group’s responsible sourcing principles, it was decided to end cooperation with the company in question in 2015.

What is the future of palm oil in Paulig Group?

The usage of palm oil in our products decreases year by year. Alongside the sustainability related topics also nutritional viewpoints, such as the quality of fat, are considered within Paulig Group. We aim to find solutions that make our products as delicious and healthy as possible – without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Since the beginning of 2016 the World Foods & Flavouring division has only used sunflower and rapeseed oil mix in their Santa Maria products. This has been done first and foremost with the health aspect in mind as consumers are wishing for products with less saturated fats.

For the same reason Snack Food division has during the last years increasingly shifted to using sunflower oil instead of palm oil. Today over a half of Poco Loco products are produced using sunflower oil. The goal is that almost 75% of used oils are sunflower and rapeseed oils in 2017. Paulig Group’s Snack Food division uses only certified palm oil in its products.

Paulig Group is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO is the world's leading certification system for palm oil that founded on the base of co-operation between WWF, companies and producer organizations in 2004.

More information

Leena Miettinen, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Paulig Group, tel. +358 40 562 7302




Paulig Kulma: a new meeting place for coffee lovers in the heart of Helsinki

Paulig has opened a coffee house in the heart of Helsinki. Located on the corner of Aleksanterinkatu and Kluuvikatu, Paulig Kulma serves coffee that is roasted on site and handmade for customers. It is a two-storey coffee house with an own micro roastery and the Paulig Barista Institute.


Paulig Kulma is a unique place for relaxation and refreshment amidst the hustle and bustle of Helsinki. It provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the art of making coffee and experience the finest taste sensations in an impressively designed environment. Everything at Paulig Kulma focuses on coffee. Visitors can also buy coffee and beans prepared using various methods. “Paulig Kulma was established to create enjoyable coffee moments and experiences. Visitors can try out the best varieties of coffee, meet friends, do some work or just relax. It is a coffee house that brings together the friends of good coffee,” says Karri Kauppila, Marketing Director at Paulig.

“At Paulig Kulma, coffee is our main and only focus, and our passion and joy. Visitors can try different varities and meet the best baristas and Paulig’s Paula over an exquisite cup of coffee. On roasting days, the scent of coffee fills the coffee house and centre of Helsinki, and visitors can study the process at close hand. We will also hold tasting events and briefings,” says Charlotta Nylund, Manager of Paulig Kulma.

Paulig Kulma offers a wide selection that changes daily. The coffee house opens at 7.30 a.m. and serves breakfast in the morning. At lunchtime, Paulig Kulma offers various options, and a special selection after office hours. Tasty, filling and peaceful brunch is served at the weekends, when Paulig Kulma also stays open until 11 p.m. for a nice, relaxing evening. The coffee shop is run by Pure Hero from Turku known for its delicious raw cakes. Information about opening hours, as well as training and other events held at Paulig Kulma, is available on Paulig Kulma’s website and via its social media channels.

Paulig Kulma’s speciality coffees are roasted by using biogas

Roaster Sampo Latvakangas is in charge of roasting all Paulig Kulma’s coffees that are bought in small batches for its own needs. All coffees are selected based on high quality and an interesting story. Roaster’s faithful companion, the roasting machine “Bertha”, runs on clean-burning biogas, a 100% renewable fuel from Finland.

More information

Charlotta Nylund, Manager, Paulig Kulma, tel. +358 45 6355 055
Pirjo Hästbacka, Communications Manager, Paulig Group, tel. +358 50 356 8359

#PauligKulma on social media:

Instagram: @pauligkulma



Paulig Kulma is a coffee house in the heart of Helsinki. It is part of Paulig’s Coffee division. At Paulig Kulma the coffee is roasted on site and handmade for customers. It is located at the corner of Aleksanterinkatu and Kluuvikatu. Paulig Kulma is a two-storey coffee house with an own micro roastery, and the Paulig Barista Institute. Paulig’s largest roastery is located in Vuosaari and about 45 million kilos of coffee are roasted there each year. Paulig Kulma’s “Bertha” roasting machine roasts five kilos of coffee at one time.




Paulig works consistently for the sustainability of the coffee chain

Sustainability from bean to cup is an important topic for us because good taste and quality can only be achieved in sustainable conditions in the whole supply chain. That is why we have made a promise that all our coffee will be derived from sources which have been certified or verified to be responsible by the end of 2018. We are on schedule to meet this goal and this year 40% of the coffee we buy fulfills this criteria.

We have worked consistently already for over ten years in order to improve the traceability of coffee in the whole supply chain. Today almost 90% of our coffee can be traced back to coffee cooperatives and 40% back to farms.

All our suppliers have signed the Paulig Group Code of Conduct for Suppliers which is based on UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the ten principles of UN’s Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Paulig’s code of conduct prohibits child labor, forced labor and discrimination and includes requirements for securing freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Paulig purchases about 50 million kilos of green coffee per year which is about one percent of the world’s annual coffee production. 90% of the coffee purchased by Paulig comes from 10 suppliers. In order to monitor the sustainability of the supply chain we have started systematic supplier audits in origin countries this year. In 2016 almost 20 audits will be done in Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia.

Sustainability is advanced by dialogue and cooperation

On October 18th Finnwatch published their report “Brewing up a sustainable coffee chain.” It is a review of the sustainability of coffee sold in Finland and its field research focuses mainly on the primary production of coffee in Brazil, Honduras and India. Regarding Paulig the report describes findings concerning two farms and one cooperative.

“At Paulig we have clear sustainability goals and we actively develop the operations in our supply chain and in cooperation with other coffee sector operators and stakeholders. We are aware of the questions regarding sustainable development in the coffee industry that need to be solved. We think that it is good that with its own research Finnwatch draws attention to the development of supply chains. In that sense we have a common goal of promoting the sustainability of the coffee supply chain, says Sourcing Manager Katariina Aho.

“We take the findings brought up in the report seriously and we will go through them in cooperation with organizations that supply certified coffee like Fair trade, UTZ and our other partners and we will take corrective actions if necessary. Advancing sustainability requires openness, cooperation and long-term commitment to this work.”

Read more about our sustainable sourcing




Pulled oats enters the big league

Paulig and Gold&Green Foods form a partnership

Pulled oats, the sensational food innovation from Finland, is taking another leap forward as the food company Paulig acquires the majority ownership stake (51%) of the manufacturer, Gold&Green Foods. The partners have ambitious goals: to meet the high demand in Finland and establish pulled oats as an internationally successful product.

Gold&Green Foods and Paulig Group signed an extensive agreement on August 31st 2016 to further accelerate the production capacity for pulled oats and to launch the commercialisation of the innovation in the international market.

Pulled oats is a “perfect protein” meat alternative made from oats, faba beans and peas by shearing. It’s able to challenge meat products both in terms of nutritional value, texture, mouthfeel and flavour. Pulled oats contains as much as 30% protein and has a superior amino acid composition, ie. the quality of the protein.  Furthermore, it is rich in beta-glucan, the oat fibre that has many proven health effects to heart health and digestion. The product was invented by the Gold&Green team and is protected with patent applications and trademarks.

“The astounding demand for our product has been a pleasant surprise. The partnership with Paulig provides us with the resources and competence to increase the production of pulled oats in Finland and abroad.  We are both thrilled to create the prerequisites for this Finnish innovation to conquer the world”, says Maija Itkonen, the Managing Director of Gold&Green Foods.

Paulig’s participation in the development of this business is a natural continuation for the Group’s strong investment in so-called natural and healthy foods in recent years.
“People are more and more conscious of their eating habits. We are convinced that the popularity of the pulled oats will only increase,” says Jaana Tuominen, Paulig Group’s CEO. “We are very excited that the founders of Gold&Green Foods want to build the future together with us.”


Entrepreneur-driven business also in the future

Gold&Green Foods will continue as an entrepreneur-driven and independent unit also after the acquisition. With the announced partnership Gold&Green Foods gains more resources to speed up the growth and development of the business.
“We have more than doubled the capacity in three months and the demand has increased in line with this. At its heart Gold&Green Foods is a technology company that develops innovative products based on the research data produced by its team and with the help of user-oriented design processes. Paulig appreciates our approach and believes in the modern innovation process. This deal helps us speed up the production, so that our experts can also focus on the development work”, says Maija Itkonen.


Further information available from

Maija Itkonen
Managing Director, Gold&Green Foods
Tel. +358 44 059 3313

Jaana Tuominen
CEO, Paulig Group
Tel. +358 9 319 8330

Anita Laxén
Head of Communications, Paulig Group
Tel. +358 40 77 00 873


About Gold&Green Foods

Gold&Green Foods was founded by Maija Itkonen, Reetta Kivelä and Zhongqing Jiang in 2015. Its aim is to develop innovative, ecological and healthy foods from oats and legumes. Its business idea is based on clean Nordic oats and a unique production method. Read more at

About Paulig

Paulig is a family-owned, international enterprise in the food industry that is noted for its high-quality brands and services. The company’s key divisions are Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food, and its strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta and are known in many countries. Paulig has 1,900 employees in 13 countries and its net sales were EUR 905 million in 2015. Read more at


Limited edition of the new smart coffee cup Paulig Muki now available

Paulig launches the highly-anticipated Muki, which is the world’s first smart coffee cup. Muki has a screen powered by the thermal energy of the coffee, and it is possible to download pictures onto this screen with a mobile application. A limited edition of Muki cups will now be available through Paulig's online shop within the EU.

Paulig Muki has been developed based on two insights: Muki combines the take away culture and social media – thus making every coffee moment exciting. Muki is a smart cup as it has an integrated e-Ink display that is powered entirely by the thermal energy of the coffee. The screen is connected via Bluetooth to an accompanying mobile application, and friends with the Muki cup can send pictures to each other. The content is only updated on the screen when hot coffee is poured into the Muki cup.

“Muki has been a big investment for us and a complete leap into the unknown. It’s been great to see how much interest Muki has generated. Our aim is to make every coffee moment unique ­and Muki is perfectly suited to this philosophy,” says Karri Kauppila, Marketing Director for Paulig Group’s Coffee division.

To begin with, only a limited number of these Muki cups will be available through Paulig’s online shop within the EU. The price for one Paulig Muki is 59 euros and the smart coffee cup is available in three different colours.
More information about Paulig Muki (including the Muki video):

Additional information:

Karri Kauppila
Marketing Director
Coffee division, Paulig Group
Mob +358 40 715 4343


Pirjo Hästbacka
Communications Manager
Coffee division, Paulig Group
Tel: 050 356 8 359


Paulig Group’s Coffee division is the market leader in Finland and the Baltic countries, and in Russia it is the second-biggest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig supplies its products and services to the retail trade, the HoReCa sector and workplaces through the Paulig Professional business unit. In Finland, Paulig's best-known brand products include Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Paulig Brazil and Paulig Mundo as well as the coffee beverage Paulig Frezza and the drinking chocolate beverage Paulig Tazza. The most popular products on the Russian and Baltic markets are the Presidentti and Paulig Classic coffees and Paulig espresso products. The company's coffee roasteries are located in the Vuosaari district of Helsinki in Finland and in Tver, Russia. The Vuosaari roastery produces about 100 million packets of coffee, or about 45 million kilos of coffee, each year.

Lilli and Axel got to taste marketing in the world of coffee

Lilli Hakanpää and Axel Röhr have been working at Paulig as trainees in the Next Generation Marketing Trainee program for the past three months.

The program gives the marketing professionals of tomorrow a unique opportunity to dive into the world of Finnish top marketers.

During the trainee period Lilli and Axel have been working with the launch and internal marketing of a new trend tool.

Have a look at Lilli’s and Axel’s thoughts: What have they experienced while working here?

Paulig and Fuchs have updated the shareholder agreement

Since 2000 Paulig Group is a minority shareholder in the German company Fuchs Gewürze Gruppe. Fuchs is a spice and ethnic food company known for brands such as Fuchs and Ostmann.

Paulig Group and Mr Dieter Fuchs, founder and CEO of Fuchs, have negotiated and signed a new version of the shareholder agreement from 2000. The now signed agreement does not change our shareholding in Fuchs, but it does define who are permitted shareholders in Fuchs.

Paulig has filed for a so called joint control with competition authorities. This because according to the renewed agreement, the parties together decide on major business questions, such as strategy and major investments. There are no other practical implications related to the joint control.

Facts about Fuchs:

Net Sales: 515 MEUR
Personnel: 3000
Founded: 1952
Shareholders: Dieter Fuchs Stiftung, Dieter Fuchs, Paulig Ltd (26,13 %)

Communications: VP, Communications Anita Laxén, +358 40 77 00 873,