Eduard Paulig appointed as new Board member at Paulig Ltd

eduard_pauligPaulig Ltd's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Helsinki on 21 April. The AGM appointed Eduard Paulig as a new member of the Board. He replaces Mathias Bergman, who has been a Board member since 2013.

Eduard Paulig's background is in investment and business management. He has held managerial duties in companies such as Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken and Paulig. He is currently the Managing Director of Oy The English Tearoom Ab.

Eduard Paulig was born in 1962, and he has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Helsinki. He lives in Finland.

The AGM also appointed Joachim Borgström as a Board Observer.

The Chairman of the Board, Mikael Aru, was re-elected by the AGM. The other board members are: Christian Hallberg, Christian Köhler, Harri Pulli, Jon Sundén and Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae (Vice-Chairwoman). Berndt Heikel will continue as the Secretary of the Board of Directors.



Year 2015 was successful for the 140-year-old Paulig

Year 2015 was an eventful and profitable year for Paulig Group. For the first time in the company’s history, net sales exceeded EUR 900 million. All our divisions attained or exceeded their set targets.

During the year the Group acquired Risenta AB that now forms the new Naturally Healthy Food division. The Industrial Flavouring division was sold to Solina Group. Paulig Group now sets focus on its consumer products and food services business.

Consolidated 2015 figures

  • Net sales were EUR 905.2 million (867.0)
  • Operating profit was EUR 63.6 million (73.7), or 7.0 per cent (8.5) of the net sales
  • Net profit for the year increased to EUR 86.7 million (46.8), including the profit from the sale of the Industrial Flavouring division that took place in April 2015
  • Equity ratio improved to 73.9 per cent (71.2)
  • There were 1 890 employees at year end (1 951)

In 2015 Paulig Group’s net sales were EUR 905.2 million (867.0), an increase of 4.4 per cent on 2014. The net sales figure is not fully comparable to the previous year’s figure due to the changes that took place in the Group structure. When only the divisions that were part of the Group during both full financial years are included, net sales grew 5.7 per cent.

Good performance by all divisions

  • The Coffee division’s net sales increased to EUR 346.3 million (319,0) and its total sales volume grew by 4 per cent on the previous year.
  • Net sales for the World Foods & Flavouring division were EUR 307.8 million, which was in line with the previous year.
  • The Snack Food division's net sales were EUR 218.9 million (203.1), which is an increase of 7.8 per cent compared with the previous year.
  • The Naturally Healthy Food division's net sales were EUR 31.1 million, which is an increase of 21 per cent compared with the previous year.

Tastes from around the world for 140 years

Exciting flavours from around the world are now high on consumers' wish list. Paulig has ever since the company was founded by Gustav Paulig in 1876 offered people the exotic flavours from the world's various corners. The range 140 years ago included among others coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit and brandy. The Group's master brands Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta all have a long history in the market.

Currently, 59 per cent of Paulig Group’s sales are in the Nordic countries and 41 per cent are in other markets. Our goal is for 60 per cent of sales to take place outside the Nordic countries in 2020, without compromising our strong Nordic position in coffee, spices, international food concepts and naturally healthy food.

“I am often asked which of our categories I think will develop strongest in the future. We regard this question in a different way though – I am convinced that great taste will never go out of fashion or become untrendy. What matters in the end is how we manage to develop with the times. Together with our owners we have already set our sights on the next 140 years – so you can say that we really are planning for the long term”, says CEO Jaana Tuominen.

See Paulig Group's Annual Report at

Further information:

CEO Jaana Tuominen, tel. +358 9 319 8330

VP Communications Anita Laxén, tel. +358 40 770 0873,



BUILT BOLD: Tom of Finland Coffee by Robert Paulig Roastery

Robert Paulig Roastery is honored to announce the release of an exclusive collection of coffee paying tribute to one of Finland’s most renowned cultural icons, and world’s influential artists, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991). Released as part of Robert Paulig’s Art Roast coffee series, the collection follows its successful line of flavored coffees featuring artist Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters.


Developed in partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation, the line is comprised of two selections, ground or whole coffee beans, each packaged and available in four different packaging designs featuring drawings by the artist. Dubbed “BUILT BOLD” and “HEAVY DUTY”, the coffee’s dark roast flavour is representative of the allure of TOM’s Men; unapologetic, self-aware and boastfully proud. With an intriguing blend of Arabica beans, the taste is dominated by Mexican flavors, mixed with Brazilian and Colombian notes and nuanced with an intriguing nutty tone. All Robert Paulig Roastery coffees are slow roasted in small batches, for enhanced body and taste.

The line is a continuation of the unprecedented shift in perceptions of the visual iconographies that shape our domestic lives. Coffee, a product that has inherently been marketed to appeal to the nuclear family, has now found a place to manifest universal respect, tolerance and equal rights.

“Tom of Finland is truly an art and pop culture icon. His masculine characters are a celebration of tolerance and joie de vivre, capturing the hearts of everyone at Robert Paulig Roastery”,explains Juhani Oranen, President of Robert Paulig Roastery.

With the Art Roast series, Robert Paulig Roastery wants to inspire everyone to expand on the experience of drinking coffee. “For us Finns, coffee is almost sacred, and we often go for familiar and safe products,” says Oranen. “We encourage you to turn your coffee drinking into an adventure, and take TOM’s Men along with you for the ride”.

“To be able to see the work Tom of Finland, key protagonist for sexual liberation and human rights, in the aisles of supermarkets and department stores can be life changing, and we hope it will influence the younger generation to embrace all personal identity”, says Durk Dehner, cofounder and president of Tom of Finland Foundation.

The Tom of Finland coffee will debut in Finland, at Kesko’s retail stores and also soon  at the Robert Paulig Roastery’s online store ( ). The coffee will also be available at Kunsthalle Helsinki in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition Tom of Finland, running from 7th of May to 7th of August, 2016.


About Robert Paulig Roastery

Founded in 1987, Robert Paulig Roastery is a small, coffee roastery operating in the village of Tolkkinen in Porvoo, Finland. It roasts its coffee beans with a slow roast method, which brings out the most subtle flavours of the coffee and ensures an exceptional coffee experience. An uncompromised appreciation for coffee is maintained throughout the production process, from the carefully selected raw beans to the brewed cup. Robert Paulig Roastery’s products include Watsa coffees, flavoured coffees, single estate coffees and the Art Roast coffee series.

About Tom of Finland

(Touko Laaksonen, Finnish 1920-1991), is the creator of some of the most iconic and readily recognizable imagery of post-war gay culture and is regarded as one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. He produced thousands of images beginning in the 1940s, robbing straight homophobic culture of its most virile and masculine archetypes (bikers, hoodlums, lumberjacks, cops, cowboys, and sailors) and recasting them through deft skill and imagination - unapologetic, self-aware, and boastfully proud.

Tom of Finland Foundation

Established in 1984 by Durk Dehner and Touko Laaksonen, a.k.a. Tom of Finland, Tom of Finland Foundation offers a safe haven for all erotic art and continues to educate the public as to its cultural merits and by promoting healthier, more tolerant attitudes about sexuality. The Foundation, in addition to Tom of Finland’s erotic art, maintains and archives a growing collection of images by other artists to complement existing works by Tom of Finland.

Contact information

Juhani Oranen, Managing Director, Robert Paulig Roastery; +358 400 454048

Jennifer Aniston’s new taco-diet praised by Santa Maria

It was a joke. But that did not stop Tex Mex and spice company Santa Maria from rejoicing when Hollywood’s new favourite diet was revealed. Across the globe, news spread that Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities had gone nuts about “The Taco Cleanse”.

During an interview with Yahoo food, Jennifer Aniston was asked about the hottest diet trend of the year (so far): “The Taco Cleanse”. The diet is strict; three meals a day, all of them tacos. After a bit of hesitation, Aniston seemed to embrace the concept.

- Of course we think that Aniston’s commitment to the taco-diet is great news. And even though we understood rather quickly that it was a joke, we rejoiced. The more tacos the better, right? says Eva Berglie, Communications Manager at Santa Maria.

The news item stemmed from the satirical and humorously written “The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life”. The book was published in December and is already sold out on In the book, four self-proclaimed “scientists” claim that the taco-diet is beneficial for, amongst other things, beard growth, fertility and chakras. “You will wake up with a newfound enthusiasm when you know you are having tacos for breakfast”, say the authors.

- Eating tacos three times a day is perhaps not a diet plan to recommend, but I actually think there is a lesson to be learnt from this. Being surrounded by a constant flow of diet-tips and advice on what is safe to eat and not, we risk missing out on the joy that food brings. Having a great dinner together creates a warm social setting and gives us time to connect with family and friends, without iPads and mobile apps. It’s a chance to let go of the stress of all do’s and don’ts, says Eva Berglie.

Aniston might not follow the taco-diet to the letter. However, the former star of Friends does seem to enjoy her Tex Mex and is regularly seen at the Marix Tex Mex Café in West Hollywood. “Taco Tuesday Night” is a popular weekly event at the restaurant.







Smart Coffee Cup Paulig Muki Displayed at Slush15 for the First Time


In the past few years the Finnish startup event Slush has grown into one of Europe's most preeminent industry happenings. The international startup crowd gathers in Helsinki on November 11.-12. and the convention is expecting 15 000 attendees from over a hundred countries. Paulig Muki, a joint innovation project by Paulig and TBWA\Helsinki, is on display at Slush for the very first time.

What Paulig Muki?

Paulig Muki is a smart coffee cup that turns coffee drinking into a social experience. What makes the innovation smart is the e-Ink display integrated on the side of the cup and powered entirely by the thermal energy from hot coffee. The screen is connected via Bluetooth to an accompanying mobile application. You can use the app to control the screen content,and to send pictures to your friends Mukis. The content is updated on the screen each time you pour hot coffee into the cup. The thermal energy from one Muki is enough to update the content five to ten times. What's fun about the E-ink display is that the last picture will stay on it even if you run out of energy. In the future, Muki can be equipped with a variety of functionalities, like the NFC payment for instance.

Why Paulig Muki?

Drinking coffee has traditionally been a social experience. Paulig noticed that the social function of coffee had been losing ground amongst the younger generation, so they decided to do something about it. The smart cup was born out of two insights: the take away culture is still alive and kicking, and social media has an essential role in millenials' lives. Paulig Muki was born to bring these two phenomena together to turn each cup of coffee into a delightful, surprising, and social experience.

"Coffee has always powered us Finns, but we realized that there was more to it than just the caffeine buzz. We wanted to harness the thermal energy in an innovative way to make the act of drinking coffee that more entertaining.", explains Juha-Matti Raunio, the Vice President of TBWA\Helsinki.

"To us Paulig Muki has been a significant marketing investment, as well as a complete jump into the unknown. The journey began in March 2013 and it has been a long – and at times a bumpy – ride. However it has been gratifying to see how much interest Muki has generated both in Finland and internationally. Paulig aims to make every coffee moment unique – Muki fits this philosophy perfectly.", adds Karri Kauppila, the marketing director for the Paulig Coffee Division.

Paulig Muki is scheduled to enter the beta testing phase in January 2016. The sales will begin before the Summer, once the findings of the testing phase are implemented.


For more information, contact:

Erica Liewendahl
Strategy Development Manager
Tel +358 9 3198 338
Mob +358 40 820 1732

Karri Kauppila
Director, Marketing
Coffee Division of Paulig Group
Tel +358 9 319 8239
Mob +358 40 715 4343

Juha-Matti Raunio
Vice President, Head of Pilot
+358 40 506 4000

At Paulig Group we are united in the quest of exploring great taste. We are a family-owned international company in the food industry; founded in 1876 and noted for our high-quality products in key sectors Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. Our portfolio includes strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The group has almost 2,000 employees in 13 countries and the net sales for 2014 were 867 million euros.

Paulig Group’s Coffee division is the market leader in Finland and the Baltic countries and in Russia it is the second-biggest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig supplies its products and services to the retail trade, the HoReCa sector and workplaces through the Paulig Professional business unit. In Finland, Paulig's best-known brand products include Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Paulig Brazil and Paulig Mundo as well as the coffee beverage Paulig Frezza and the drinking chocolate beverage Paulig Tazza. The most popular products on the Russian and Baltic markets are the Presidentti and Paulig Classic coffees and Paulig espresso products. The company's coffee roasteries are located in the Vuosaari district of Helsinki and Tver, Russia. The Vuosaari roastery produces some 100 million packages of coffee or roughly 45 million kilos of coffee per year.




Risenta’s bean pasta won in daily consumer products gala


Risenta received a respected prize with its bean pasta in the Swedish Daily Consumer Products Gala on Thursday September 24th.

According to the jury the product meets the expectations in Sweden. Bean pasta answers the essential question ”What do the Swedish people want to have on their plates in 2105?”.  Many people desire healthier food.  People who train a lot want to have more protein and less carbohydrate. Also the demand for gluten-free food is increasing. Bean pasta is the answer.

Risenta’s bean pasta combines the best characteristics of both beans and pasta. Bean pasta is high in protein, but it also has a lot of fibre and a little GI (slow carbohydrates which keep you full longer). Bean pasta is wholly ecological, has a similar consistency as fresh pasta and tastes very similar to the ”ordinary” pasta.

- In addition to many good and healthy characteristics, bean pasta tastes good and is similar to pasta. We are happy to be able to provide a good product with natural ingredients which everybody can eat. For this reason it is extremely nice to receive the prize with the jury’s statement that the bean pasta fulfils many persons’ expectations concerning healthier food. Now we hope that more consumers find the product. I want to thank the jury for the great honor, says Alex Tengvall, Risenta AB’s Managing Director.

Risenta’s bean pasta was launched in Sweden in 2014.


For more information please contact:

Lisa Tagesson, e-mail: tel: +46 8 586 275 12


About Risenta

Risenta is a Swedish company and a leading producer of healthy staple foods in Sweden. The company provides a large variety of foods, such as seeds, muesli, special flour, cereals, rice, beans, lentils, snack food, bean pasta, dried fruit and nuts. Established in 1940, Risenta is now in its third generation of family ownership. Since 2005, the head office and warehouse have been located in Sollentuna, Stockholm.


About Paulig Group

At Paulig Group we are united in the quest of exploring great taste. We are a family-owned international company in the food industry; founded in 1876 and noted for our high-quality products in key sectors Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. Our portfolio includes strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The group has almost 2,000 employees in 13 countries and the net sales for 2014 were 867 million euros.




Paulig invests in renewable energy:

100 million packets of coffee now roasted with 100% Finnish biogas

Finland’s leading coffee company, Paulig, is reducing its carbon footprint. From August 2015, all Paulig coffee roasted in Vuosaari, Helsinki, has been made with 100% Finnish and renewable Gasum biogas. The company roasts an annual total of around 100 million packets of coffee for the domestic and export markets. The packaging of Paulig coffees roasted with clean energy can now also carry the biogas label communicating environmental responsibility. 

Paulig is the first Finnish coffee roaster to switch to 100% Finnish and renewable Gasum biogas at its roastery. This change will result in the annual carbon dioxide emissions from the Vuosaari roastery being cut by almost 2,700 tonnes – an amount corresponding to the annual emissions of around 1,300 gasoline-fueled cars. The source of energy used previously by the Vuosaari roastery was natural gas. Biogas is sold and delivered to Paulig by the electricity and new energy solutions provider Helen Ltd.

”Care for the environment is an important element in Paulig’s corporate responsibility work. This can already be seen in the operations of our Vuosaari roastery as energy-efficient processes, use of wind power and waste reductions. Our Vuosaari facility doesn't generate any mixed waste at all these days. Now we want to increase the use of renewable energies by roasting our coffee with biogas,” says Elisa Markula, Senior Vice President, Coffee Division, Paulig Group.

”It’s a great honor that 100% Finnish and renewable biogas is the trusted energy choice of Paulig in the manufacture of quality coffee products. Gasum biogas is a clean and responsible fuel that efficiently reduces the carbon footprint from energy consumption,” says Jani Arala, Gasum’s Business Development Manager for Biogas.

The packaging of Paulig products made with biogas can carry the biogas label. Launched in spring 2015, the biogas label communicates to consumers that the product was made responsibly with 100% Finnish and renewable energy.

Paulig’s Vuosaari roastery roasts a total of 45 million kilos or around 100 million packets of coffee every year. This is where products including Paulig’s best-known coffee products such as Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Brazil and Paulig Mundo coffees are roasted.

Gasum biogas is produced from biodegradable waste, and natural gas customers can easy switch to this renewable and 100% Finnish alternative. Biogas is upgraded to make it equivalent to natural gas, so the switch to biogas can be made without additional investments in equipment. Biogas is sold to the industry, service providers, heat and power production, homes and restaurants using gas cookers, and for use as a road vehicle fuel. Biogas is a Finnish biofuel always made from fully renewable raw materials that is injected into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti, and next year also from the new Riihimäki biogas facility.

For further information please contact:

Seija Säynevirta, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Coffee Division, Paulig Group
Phone: +358 400 801854, seija.säynevirta(a)

Jani Arala, Business Development Manager for Biogas, Gasum Oy
Phone: +358 44 0548 583, firstname.surname(a)

At the Paulig Group we are united in the quest of exploring great taste. We are a family-owned international company noted for our high-quality brands and services. Our key sectors are Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food, and our portfolio includes strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The Group has almost 2,000 employees in 13 countries, and its net sales for 2014 were €867 million.

The Coffee Division of the Paulig Group is the market leader in Finland and the Baltics, and in Russia it is the second largest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig products and services are supplied to retailers, the HoReCa sector and workplaces through the Paulig Professional business unit. In Finland Paulig’s best-known brand products include Juhla Mokka, Presidentti, Paulig Brazil and Paulig Mundo as well as the coffee drink Paulig Frezza and the cocoa beverage Paulig Tazza. Among the most popular products in the Russian and Baltic markets are the Paulig President and Paulig Classic blends and Paulig espresso products. The company’s coffee roasteries are located in Vuosaari, Helsinki, Finland, and Tver, Russia. The Vuosaari roastery produces an annual total of around 100 million packets or around 45 million kilos of coffee.

Gasum is a Finnish expert in natural energy gases (natural gas and biogas). It imports natural gas to Finland, upgrades biogas, and transmits and delivers these for a broad range of uses in energy production, industry, homes, and land and maritime transport. Gasum develops the Finnish and Nordic energy infrastructure by investing in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, biogas business and transport services. Gasum is the leading supplier of biogas in Finland. It injects biogas into the gas network from Espoo, Kouvola and Lahti. Cleanly with natural energy gases.




Paulig Group makes donations to help in the refugee crisis

Paulig Group makes two donations to support the work among refugees in the current refugee crisis situation. Our donations are made to the Red Cross and the Save the Children organisation. Each organisation has received 5 000 EUR during this week.

We have decided make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund which will enable the Red Cross to respond to aid needs quickly and efficiently. We have also a long-term co-operation with the Save the Children organisation and we have decided make a donation to this organisation as well.  The Save the Children organisation says that they aim to help children and their families along the way from the war zone until to the final asylum location.



Niklas Truedsson to lead Risenta

niklas_truedsson_lowNiklas Truedsson has been appointed Head of Division for the Paulig Group’s Naturally Healthy Food Division and Managing Director of Risenta AB, with effect from the beginning of October. Risenta is the leading producer of healthy staple foods in Sweden, and the company’s turnover has grown rapidly over the last few years. Risenta’s products are also sold in Finland today. Since February 2015, Risenta has been part of the Finnish family-owned Paulig Group.

Niklas Truedsson has extensive experience in fast moving consumer goods and strong brands, having served in a number of senior positions at Unilever in the Nordic region and internationally, most recently as country manager for Unilever Sweden.

“It is a privilege to start leading a business like Risenta in the Paulig Group,” says Truedsson. “I’m both humbled and excited about continuing this growth story with our customers.”

Niklas Truedsson will also be a member of the Paulig Group’s Management Team. He will start on 12 October 2015 and will be based in Stockholm.


Anita Laxén, VP Communications, Paulig Group
tel. +358 40 770 0873, anita.laxen(at)


At Paulig Group we are united in the quest of exploring great taste.  Paulig Group’s business is divided into four divisions: Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring, Snack Food and Naturally Healthy Food. Our portfolio includes strong brands such as Paulig, Santa Maria and Risenta. The Group has almost 2,000 employees in 13 countries and the net sales for 2014 were 867 million euros.

Risenta is a Swedish company and a leading producer of healthy foods in Sweden. The company provides a large variety of foods, such as seeds, muesli, special flour, cereals, rice, beans, lentils, snack food, bean pasta, dried fruit and nuts. Risenta is established in 1940. Since 2005, the head office and warehouse have been located in Sollentuna, Stockholm.




Paulig joins Society’s commitment to sustainable development

Paulig wants to support society’s sustainable development commitment “the Finland we want by 2050” with two commitments. With the first we aim to favor the use of local renewable energy and job creation in Finland. With the second Paulig commits to support coffee farmers’ adaptation to the challenges of climate change. 


This vision and the eight objectives defined to make it a reality by 2050 fit very well with Paulig values and our work in corporate responsibility. "We want to celebrate the European sustainable development week by publishing now two of our long-term commitments to sustainability”, says Elisa Markula, Managing Director of Paulig Group Coffee Division.

Our commitments

1. Paulig commits to grow the portion of renewable energy use by changing from natural gas to biogas in coffee roasting in Vuosaari roastery and by exploring opportunities to use renewable fuel sources for the car fleet of Paulig Professional.”

One of the focus areas for Paulig corporate responsibility work is caring for the environment. This can be seen in action in many ways in the Vuosaari roastery from energy efficient process design and constant drive for waste reduction to the use of wind powered electricity. Mixed waste is no longer generated at all from our operations. We are committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance and therefore want to take the next steps to further improve our operations.

2. Paulig commits to continue as a key contributor to coffee & climate initiative that seeks to enable coffee farmers’ communities to improve climate change resilience and to increase their adaptive capacity.

Climate change is already posing clear challenges for traditional coffee growing regions and livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities. Paulig is a founding member of Coffee & Climate initiative that aims to provide information and tools for adaptation of coffee growing to the challenges posed by climate change. Started in 2010 the initiative has developed tools, built knowledge and local networks in pilot projects in Vietnam, Tanzania, Trifinio (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) and Brasil. The initiative has now reached a point of maturity where it is ready for upscaling of the efforts.

Actions matter

“With these commitments Paulig wants to contribute to the sustainability of global supply chains, support coffee growers communities and secure enjoyable coffee moments for all the coffee lovers for a long time to come. Creating sustainable development requires decisive actions on international, national and local level. It is great that Finland has taken a leadership role in this work internationally by creating this Society’s sustainable development model that can bring concrete results”, concludes Elisa Markula.

More information:

Society’s commitment to sustainable development
Society’s Commitment to Sustainability received an enthusiastic welcome at the UN
Coffee & Climate initiative
Coffee & Climate - video

More information:

Elisa Markula, Senior Vice President and MD, Coffee Division of Paulig Group,

Leena Miettinen, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Paulig Group,, tel. +358 9 319 8364