Great tastes from destinations, near and far, have always been a part of Paulig Group. Our curiosity and passion for good food has helped us to explore new meals and irresistible flavours from all around the world. In Division World Foods & Flavouring we have a strong focus on new concepts and trends such as BBQ, Tex Mex and Thai Food.


Santa Maria is the leading seasoning company on the Nordic market. Our product concepts are spices, Tex Mex, Thai Food, Indian Food and BBQ. Knowledge of consumers' tastes, continuing product development and quality control, and expertise in the flavours of the world are the cornerstones of Santa Maria from the raw ingredients to the kitchens of home cooks. As proof of Santa Maria’s continuous work on product safety, all our production plants are certified according to BRC standards.

Santa Maria concepts: Tex Mex, India, Thai, Spices, Spicy World. The Norwegians are the biggest tex mex enjoyers in Europe followed by the Swedes.


Santa Maria UK is a company totally devoted to great Mexican food and snacks. The company has a strong position in Great Britain and Ireland.

Santa Maria is Mexican food brand. Most common spices in Mexican cooking are garlic, chili, oregano and cumin.