Wholesome and good food for everybody

Delicious and healthy food is one of the fastest-growing consumer trends. Paulig Group’s newest business area is represented by the Naturally Healthy Food division and the Risenta brand.

Healthy food should be natural, tasty and provide energy. Everyone should be able to choose good food that is healthy and naturally free of additives. In the Risenta range we have healthy products for all hours. We are curious and are constantly looking for new healthy products from around the world, to bring with us home. In addition to our classic products in the yellow bags, we constantly introduce new products. By offering products and inspire more people to eat healthy, we want to create health for all.


The Risenta products have been on the market since 1940 and the brand offers delicious and healthy food to people who appreciate a healthy lifestyle. The Naturally Healthy Food division is based in Stockholm. The products are sold on the Nordic market. The Risenta webb page is currently only available in Swedish.