Appointments in Paulig Group management

The following appointments have been made in the management of the Paulig Group, which is known for its high-quality brands within coffee, flavourings and international food concepts.


Mats Danielsson, M.Sc. (Econ.), has been appointed Paulig Group CFO as of November 2010. He is responsible for finance, economics and property operations, and he is a member of the Group’s Management Team. Mats Danielsson comes from Martela, where he has worked as Finance Director.





Peter Holm, M.Sc. (Eng.), has been appointed Managing Director of the Santa Maria Division in Gothenburg as of September 2010. Santa Maria’s products are spices and international food concepts. Peter Holm is a member of the Group’s Management Team. He has previously served as the Managing Director of a company called Brämhults Juice.





Anita Laxén, B.Sc.Pol., has been appointed the Paulig Group’s Communications Director as of August 2010. She is responsible for internal and external communications as well as the corporate identity, and she is a member of the Group’s Management Team. Anita Laxén comes from Fazer, where she has worked as VP, Communications for the company Fazer Food Services.





Sarah Tähkälä, LL.M., has been appointed General Counsel for the Paulig Group as of January 2010. She is a member of the Group’s Management Team. Sarah Tähkälä comes from the law firm Hannes Snellman Attorneys, where she has been a partner.

Also the following persons are members of the Paulig Group management team: MD for the Coffee Division Elisa Markula, MD for the Santa Maria Division Peter Holm, MD for the Industrial Flavourings Division Dave Knaster, MD for the Oscar Puljonki Division Christian Bring Larsen, VP, HR Niklas Lindholm and CEO Jaana Tuominen.