Inauguration of the Food Studio

On 22 November it was time for us to "officially open our Food Studio" in Krokslätt, Mölndal. About forty people, many of which are customers, attended the event. Besides serving tasty and exciting food, inspiration from celebrity chef Tareq Taylor was also on the menu. Dennis Sjöblom from Santa Maria also discussed upcoming food trends.

The intention with this new Food Studio is that it should be a creative centre for the development of exciting new products, together with, or for, Nordfalks and Ingredia´s customers. The Food Studio should be a meeting place where cooking as well as seminars and discussions with customers and partners can take place. Lennart Ahrné, managing director says, "We hope our customers will come and work with us. Everything goes much faster that way. Otherwise we will have to send the products and make corrections after the event which will take much longer time. One advantage is that we have access to all current flavours here. "The conditions are very good for the creation of new and exciting foods in a stimulating environment using the latest in kitchen equipment. Also, the environment is attractive and suitable for product photography. During the event “Nordfalks chefs” Susanne Larsson and Christian Freed served tasty and exciting food which they had created, so what do you think of:

Ribs - smoked ribs from Texas
Piri Piri chicken - marinated in South African piri piri sauce
Tod mum pla - Thai fish cakes
Pulled pork - loin of pork roasted for a long time in the oven
Chapli Kabab - kebabs from Afghanistan, Pakistan
Chorizo - two varieties, fresh and smoked
Tareqs Falafel - Tareq Taylor cooked two different dishes, the traditional and one with beetroot

In addition, the following were served:
Mango Salad - with spinach and Tex Mex tapas accompaniments
Kamut salad - with feta cheese, baked cherry tomatoes and dried fruits
Corn Salsa - with beans and smoked paprika

Bearnaise - with crème fraiche and bearnaise spices
Toum - yoghurt with garlic and mint
Shug - red chili sauce with cardamom and cumin
Papaya - with onions, lemon peel and coriander leaves
Chemoula - with olive oil, flatleaf parsley, garlic and lemon
Turkish pepper glaze - with licorice and habanero
Rajasthan - with mango chutney, crème fraiche and curry

Tareq Taylor also prepared an additional two salads and talked about his cooking.

No one needed to leave the Studio hungry. “We hope our customers will see the opportunties that are available here and will want to come and work with us," concludes Lennart Ahrné.